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General information

1. Offers and prices

  • CLERCboutique.com quotes prices in euro including VAT*.
  • CLERCboutique.com shall not accept responsibility for the consequences of print errors or changes in the indication of prices. When a quote is sufficiently inappropriate that a customer can reasonably appreciate the price quoted is wrong, CLERCboutique.com has the right to refuse the order.
  • Special offers are valid as long as stocks last. Prices shall not be increased unless there is a legal cause.

*VAT for orders outside the European Union
We do not charge VAT for orders to an adress outside of the European Union. However there might be charges at customs; CLERCboutique.com has no influence on this.
Any costs charged (duties, taxes, etc.) by customs will have to be paid by the customer. This is not applicable for the USA because USA shipments will be shipped from within the USA.

2. Payment

  • Payments can be made by PayPal or by bank wire transfer.
  • Orders are shipped after full payment has been received, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Orders have to be paid within 3 days. When an order has not been paid within 3 days it is automatically cancelled.

3. Delivery

  • CLERCboutique.com sends your order by mail using recorded delivery or Express Delivery.
  • CLERCboutique.com attempts to have orders delivered as soon as possible upon recieving of payment. We cannot however guarantee, nor be responsible for, delivery times.
  • Should for any reason an item be no longer available you will be duly notified. In this case you have the right to cancel the order without incurring costs. Transferred payments for this order will be returned.

4. Shipping costs

  • One-off shipping costs are charged per order, regardless of the number of items.
  • When returning an order, shipping costs are at the customer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed.
  • When replacing an order, the shipping costs are also at the expense of the customer. In the occasion of replacement, the one-off shipment from CLERCboutique.com to the customer of the item shall be once at the expense of CLERCboutique.com.
Destination Shipping cost Av. deliverytime (working days)
Inside the EU Free shipping 5
Outside the EU* Free shipping 10

*VAT for orders outside the European Union
We do not charge VAT for orders to an adress outside of the European Union. However there might be charges at the customs; CLERCboutique.com has no influence on this.
Any costs charged (duties, taxes, etc.) by customs will have to be paid by the customer. This is not applicable for the USA because USA shipments will be shipped from within the USA.

5. Cancellation of order
If for some reason you want to cancel your order, you can do so within 24 hours. Cancelling an order can be done by email: info@clercboutique.com or by phone at +31-85 888 3516.

6. Replacement and return
Upon delivery of your order you shall have 7 days to replace or return the items. After this period the sale cannot be reversed and becomes definitive. Specially ordered products can only be cancelled or returned with explicit permission of CLERCboutique.com.
When replacing or returning an item you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You can only replace or return items that have been bought from CLERCboutique.com. The items have to be sent undamaged, with attached tags and packed in suitable packaging.
  • Expense and risk of return shipment are at the expense of the customer. Return shipment to be done by recorded delivery with adequate insurance for damage or loss during shipment. Always keep proof of shipment until the issue has been resolved and you have received your refund.
  • If you would like an item replaced, one-off shipment costs from CLERCboutique.com to the customer will once be covered by CLERCboutique.com.
  • When returning goods the amount due for refunding (excl. shipment costs) shall be transferred to you within 21 days upon receipt of the returned item.
  • In the case of receipt of damaged goods or complaints you should first contact us during office hours by phone at +31-85 888 3516 or by e-mail: info@clercboutique.com
  • Packages sent to CLERCboutique.com without postage or with insufficient postage shall not be accepted, regardless of the reason for returning.

7. Warranty and liability

  • CLERCboutique.com guarantees that all items offered comply with fitness for purpose regulations.
  • Warranty period of articles sold via the internet shall be equal to the factory warranty which is 3 years.
  • Warranty given by CLERCboutique.com shall be limited to free of charge repair or replacement and/or the replacement of defect parts, according to the norms set by the producer. Warranty shall only be provided in case of appropriate usage of the item in accordance with its purpose.
  • The warranty is null and void when any defect or damage has occurred as a result of a lack of maintenance or when the wear and tear can be considered normal.
  • The warranty shall not cover cases of inappropriate usage or usage other than the item’s intended purpose, or damages resulting from intentional harm or negligence, or cases of breach of the customer’s obligations.
  • If you wish to return an item on the warranty, than you must do one of the following:
    •hand in the item at one of our locations
    •send the item to our postal address
  • If the delivered product does not conform with the agreement and this non-conformity complies a breach of manufacturer’s product liability, CLERCboutique.com shall not be liable for any resulting damages.
  • Clauses concerning warranty in these general terms and conditions do not take into consideration your warranty applications as defined in the law, taking into consideration what is defined in these general terms and conditions and in the agreement, including the nature and the state of the item subject to purchase and delivered to you.
  • When the producer of a defective item is responsible for damage resulting from the defective item, the responsibility of CLERCboutique.com will be limited to repair or replacement of the item, or the refund of the purchase price.
  • CLERCboutique.com is not responsible for damage resulting from intentional misuse and/or abusive handling, or usage of the item unfit for its purpose.

8. Privacy policy
Your personal data shall be entered into the CLERCboutique.com customer database. Your data shall be used for assessment, drafting and implementation of the agreement and for customer relations activities following hereafter, including targeted marketing activities by CLERCboutique.com or third parties that have been carefully selected by us, claims of debts, fighting fraud and fulfillment of our legal obligations. CLERCboutique.com does not provide data to third parties which would compromise your privacy.
In case you do not wish to receive commercial offers from us, you can indicate so by email.

9. Unavailable items
Unfortunately, there may be occasions when an item may no longer be available.
In this case you will be notified by email.

10. Copyright
It is forbidden to copy, publish, multiply or in any other way use image or text materials without acquiring prior written consent. The breach of the latter shall result in legal action.

11. Complaints, information and return shipment
For complaints, questions and information customers can contact us at any of the following:
E-mail: info@clercboutique.com
Tel: +31-85 888 3516

Registered address: Willemstraat 8A, 5912 EP Venlo, The Netherlands

CLERCboutique.com strives to solve complaints within 5 days. Should this fail then we inform you of the delay duration.