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KvK/CoC Number: 59456957
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-85 888 3516

Our story

“Depuis 1979”: That is the year where Tom saw his first light of day and the cousins got to know each other. Despite the age difference of almost 7 years, Tom and Rogé always got along well and as children they had lots of fun at the farmyard of their grandfather. This relationship only got stronger as they grew older. After their studies both got involved in setting up their own businesses. After more than 12 years going their separate ways, Tom decided to sell his company and started up Van Wylick Watches. Several months later, Rogé decided that his company would continue under the inspiring leadership of his brother. Which also gave him room for a entirely new challenge.

Via his previous company Rogé and Gerald Clerc had already worked together. During this collaboration the beautiful timepieces of Clerc impressed Tom and Rogé. The quality and design of the watches, but also the boundless energy of Gerald himself, never ceased to amaze them. The extreme desire for perfection and attention to every detail are unique in the watch market. Given the fact that Tom and Rogé both are fascinated by mechanical watches in general and Clerc watches in particular, it was logical to combine this craftsmanship with their experience in online sales and services, so an entirely new approach in the watch market is originated.

Please take a look arround and taste this unique experience of online sales with a highly personal approach. Welcome in the world of quality timepieces at CLERCbourique.com!

Rogé Pollen Owner CLERCboutique.com, December 2013